The Girls

When ADI raided the first circus in Peru, during Operation Spirit of Freedom, there were seven lions. Four males (Leo and his sons Rolex, Chino & Coco) and three females (Muneca, Africa & Kiara).


There were ugly scenes as the circus resisted, then ADI was told we could remove the males and then collect the lionesses two weeks later. But the circus disappeared. ADI never gave up looking and eight months later we finally caught up with them. Even then they made a run for it but were cornered and ADI was able to rescue the lionesses and two monkeys, Valerie and Valentino. WE APPRECIATE ALL OF YOUR SUPPORT OVER THE COURSE THE LONG OPERATION IN PERU – PLEASE REMEMBER THAT IF ADI HAD NOT KEPT GOING ANIMALS LIKE MUNECA, AFRICA & KIARA WOULD STILL BE IN THEIR CIRCUS CAGES. Muneca is the oldest, at 13, and is thought to be the mother of Africa, 3 and Kiara, who is 8 years old. Africa and Kiara have lots of energy and love to play a bit rough with each other, so Muneca is always sure to lay down and bask in the sun far from where the younger girls play.

Help get the girls home.

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