FROM THE OPERATING TABLE TO THE AFRICAN BUSH!Here’s Simba getting a veterinary examination by Dr Peter Caldwell, with ADI veterinarian Ines Nole behind him, at Emoya Big Cat Sanctuary, South Africa – and there he is hours later, feeling rather sleepy, but okay!

After a lifetime of circus abuse, ADI rescued Simba and Rey from a city called Ayacucho up in the Andes in Peru. Bringing him home to the ADI rescue center in Lima, we travelled through rain and snow at heights of almost 5,000 metres! Now Simba is being prepared for the good life. Phase Two of our rescue will see the battered old lions in a huge, secure, natural African bush enclosure with pools and shelter. 

Last weekend, you helped us raise $4,000 (£3,000) of the $18,000 needed for our first large enclosure, which will be home to Coco, Chino and Rolex. Help us complete this enclosure so that we can move on to the next! Every donation helps.

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