HELP-COCO,-CHINO-AND-ROLEX-TAKE-THE-NEXT-STEP-INTO-AFRICA!These three lively brothers were rescued by ADI from a small, stinking cage on the back of a truck in a South American circus and then flown with 30 other lions home to Africa for a new life at Emoya Big Cat Sanctuary. Phase I for all the lions has been to get them used to their new home, address health issues, monitor for any changes in behaviour, and to re-introduce families of lions to form new prides. Now our boy band are the first group to be ready for phase 2: life in a huge habitat of natural African bush! We must raise $18,000 to complete their dream home, equipped with all the amenities a lion would want, including solar powered electric fencing, sturdy night houses to shield them from the elements, an auto-filling watering hole, platforms, and on-site veterinary care.

Please help transform their lives today!

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