SMITH-HAS-A-CHECK-UPRescued by ADI from a circus in Peru, Smith has had an endoscopy during a health check at Emoya Big Cat Sanctuary, South Africa. Inset photo shows this hearty, mane-less male was back on his paws that afternoon!

Comprehensive health checks and treatments are another step in the rehabilitation of the lions rescued from terrible suffering in South American circuses, who arrived home in Africa in May. A massive “Thank you” to Dr. Peter Caldwell who is overseeing the veterinary phase of this rescue. A series of veterinary procedures, including the spaying of nine lionesses, will take place before the prides are released into their main enclosures. 

WE NEED YOUR CONTINUED SUPPORT: The main large enclosures of African bush where the prides will live cost $18,000 each. Our first target is the habitat for Coco, Chino and Rolex. Thank you to everyone who has donated so far, bringing us a little closer to our goal!

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