Why it is important not to let our rescued lions breed

Why it is important not to let our rescued lions breed2The lions that ADI rescued from circuses in South America and flew home to Africa are being introduced to each other at Emoya Big Cat Sanctuary, initially through the fences of the bonding camps, before moving in together. However, we need to ensure they do not breed. They cannot go back to the wild, and so to allow the lions to breed would simply reduce the potential homes available for other lions that are desperately in need. There are various options for ensuring the females do not breed, such as hormonal implants and operating to neuter them (spaying). The ADI/Emoya veterinary team has selected to spay the females.  

This means that only one procedure is necessary, there are no risks of a failed implant, or pyometra (an infection of the uterus/womb). The surgery also helps stabilize the prides where there can be aggression between males when a female comes into season. Pictured is Shakira, one of the lionesses rescued in Colombia, on the operating table. Once all nine lionesses have been sterilized, assessed, and have recovered, they will be ready for life in one of the main enclosures in a pride.
Our first enclosure target is for Coco, Chino and Rolex – then we will be moving on to Leo and his girls! Please keep supporting this huge rescue project. And remember, if you see a “sanctuary” breeding big cats, and those animals are not being released into the wild, then start asking if it is really a “sanctuary”!

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