13886841_10155153668049358_2346905017124094789_n.jpgLeo nuzzles his beloved Muneca as we move towards reuniting them. Torn apart by the circus, we saved Leo in the first rescue during ADI’s Operation Spirit of Freedom in Peru, but the circus blocked the authorities and ADI from seizing his mate and daughters Kiara and Africa. It took 8 months of pursuit but ADI never gave up, finally catching up with the circus and saving the lionesses in northern Peru. THEY ENDURED CIRCUS HELL ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE WORLD, NOW YOU CAN HELP LEO & MUNECA BE REUNITED AND SPEND THE REST OF THEIR LIVES TOGETHER IN A NATURAL AFRICAN BUSH ENCLOSURE.

The lions are currently in bonding camps at Emoya Big Cat Sanctuary – a series of enclosures with a simple mesh separating the lions to be introduced but allowing some contact, to assess whether they can live together. We are also undertaking a major veterinary program because many of the lions need help after their lives of abuse. Once lions are fully recovered from any veterinary procedures and have successfully been introduced to form prides, they take the giant step into their large, lifetime enclosures. WE NEED YOUR HELP TO COMPLETE THE ENCLOSURE FOR LEO, MUNECA AND FAMILY. CAN YOU HELP?


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