José and Liso’s big day!

TWO VERY SPECIAL LIONS, NOW IN THEIR VERY SPECIAL HOME -­ THANKS TO YOU! Best buddies José and Liso were rescued from the circus in Peru and flown home to Africa by ADI. Suffering head trauma – likely caused by beatings in the circus – José has difficulties judging distances, so we have built the friends a “special needs” forever home at Emoya Big Cat Sanctuary, South Africa, where they can play, snuggle and LIVE THEIR LIVES in complete safety. WATCH & SHARE this video of their moving in day!

Now, we URGENTLY need your help to build nine more habitats for the remaining ex-circus lions at Emoya. PLEASE HELP GIVE THE LIONS WE HAVE SAVED THE LIFE BACK THAT THEY WERE DENIED:

Donate US $ »
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Donate via Paypal & Euros »

Special thanks to Suzanne de Jongh for capturing José and Liso’s big day on film!

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