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The ADI team gives inflight refreshments to 25 lions airlifted out of Bolivia after an ADI rescue there.


To fly the 33 lions rescued from circuses in Peru and Colombia to their new life at Emoya Big Cat Sanctuary in South Africa, ADI will be specially chartering an entire aircraft! The airlift will cost $330,000/£230,000, which is $10,000/£7,000 per lion.  An ADI team will be on board to constantly monitor the lions, ensure the correct temperature and to provide the animals with water – it will be the biggest airlift of its kind ever undertaken.

The lions have endured too much to ever be returned to the wild, so they will be protected and care for in conditions as close to their natural life as possible – the lions will be flying almost 7,000 miles home. When the flight takes off it will signal the end of the use of wild animals in circuses in Peru. The suffering will be over.

Can you sponsor the airfare or part of it for a lion? Find out about our sponsorship options ranging from funding an entire airfare $10,000/£7,000 to being one of 100 people contributing $100/£70 to send a lion home.

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