Saved from a circus in South America. Safe in the African bush, forever.

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ADI President Jan Creamer reports from South Africa.

We have hardly been able to contain our emotion as our lively boy band Rolex, Chino and Coco bounded out into their natural bush habitat. Seeing them run and explore their forever home was extra special, as I remember vividly that day in Peru as we lured them from their circus cages into the ADI holding units. We began a journey that has taken them all the way home.

Thank you to everyone who has helped us transform the lives of these lions.

This is our third group of animals to be released into the large bush habitats ADI is building at Emoya Big Cat Sanctuary. Leo and his pride (Muñeca, Africa and Kiara) are loving life in the bush. So too, are José and Liso, who remain inseparable, but have room to run.

Work has begun on construction of the forever home for the animals we rescued from Circo Monaco in Cusco – Rey, Smith, Kiara, Amazonas, Mahla and Scarc. It took two raids, riot police and SWAT teams to set them free.

Now, we must complete the task. We saved them from hell, mended their bodies and minds in our temporary rescue centre, flew them back to their homeland to safety. Now they need their forever home. Your donation today could put Rey’s Pride in the African bush for the rest of their lives.

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The scale of ADI’s Operation Spirit of Freedom is staggering:

  • Phase one was the mission to track down and raid every circus and save all of the animals.
  • Phase two was the airlift to their native homeland.
  • Phase three has seen ADI constructing permanent homes for these animals: lions, bears, monkeys, kinkajous, coatis, and a mountain lion. All back in their natural habitats where they are receiving lifetime care and protection.

ADI continues to fund the care, veterinary treatment, and feeding of almost all of the animals rescued in Peru and Colombia. So we need your help to give them the lifelong peace they deserve.

Please help by organising a fundraising event or effort, asking your friends, family and colleagues to help, and donate today.

  • The cost of care staff, enrichment, food and supplements is $12,000 (£9,500) per month – ($12.50/£10 per lion per day)
  • The cost of veterinary care is averaging $1,000-$2,000 (£800-£1,600) per month – the animals have come from terrible conditions and so have lot of problems to address.

Yours for the animals,

Jan Creamer


Our latest lion habitat is underway – help us complete it!

Clockwise from top left: Rey in the circus; Kiara watches work begin on the new habitat; the fence line is prepared; the water pipe to the self-filling water hole is prepared.

Clockwise from top left: Rey in the circus; Kiara watches work begin on the new habitat; the fence line is prepared; the water pipe to the self-filling water hole is prepared.

Between August 2014 to April 2016, ADI rescued every circus animal in Peru! We have steadily relocated more than 100 animals, including flying over 30 lions home to South Africa.

At Emoya Big Cat Sanctuary, we are building 12 large natural habitats. Construction of habitat number four is underway this week costing $18,000. The habitat is for the six lions rescued in two dramatic raids on a circus in Cusco, Peru – Rey, Smith, Kiara, Amazonas, Mahla and Scarc.

Whatever you can contribute will get these lions one paw closer to paradise for Christmas! Please donate.

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Wildlife photographers support ADI lion rescue

inkibushbabiesWe are privileged to have the support of some incredible wildlife photographers donating pictures to raise funds for ADI’s Operation Spirit of Freedom. Their beautiful photographs were auctioned as part of a drive on Lion Lovers Facebook Group that raised $26,000 to help save the lions and get them home. Pictured: ADI Vice President Tim Phillips, in our Peru rescue center before the lion move, with a stunning picture of a Namibian desert lion by Inki Bushbabies.


Darren Shaun Donovan
Andy & Sarah Skinner – Wildlife Photography
Rich Smith
Inki Bushbabies
Margot Raggett Photography
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Anthony Goldman
Romano Volker
African Wildlife Photography Maggy Meyer
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Jackie Downey
Sophie Gandrille
Marlon du Toit Photography
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