Freedom at last!

LBTA_IMG_3362They endured years of confinement, suffering and abuse but after being rescued by Animal Defenders International from circuses in Peru and Colombia, 33 African lions went home to Africa!

Please help us support them for life, at the Emoya Big Cat Sanctuary and rescue others in need. Adopt one of our lions today.

Make a donation towards the second phase of the lions’ release. $150,000 / £100,000 must be raised for the construction of huge natural bush habitats (a separate one for each family or pair) with watering holes, platforms, trees, vegetation all safely secure behind double electric fencing (outside is included to prevent access by other animals).

  • $6,000 / £4,000 / ZAR 84,000 – funds the construction of a huge habitat for each animal with pools, platforms, trees and natural vegetation
  • $2,400 / £1,600 / ZAR 33,000 – buys food and pays for a lion carer for one lion for a year
  • $200 / £130 / ZAR 3,000 – buys food and pays for a lion carer for a month
  • $50 / £35 / ZAR 700 – will care for a lion for one week

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Donate via Paypal and Euros

You can also donate by phone, Mon-Fri 9am-5pm:
UK – 020 7630 3340
US – 323 935 2234

Thank you.