Lions are unloaded after the first day of ADI rescues in Peru


Before ADI could even start rescuing animals from circuses in Peru, we needed a means to collect them and somewhere to put them.  For lions that meant making custom-welded holding units that could fit on the backs of trucks so the lions could be removed from circuses and taken to our rescue center. At the rescue center, these units were joined together to form larger units and attached to grassy exercise enclosures for the lions to socialize and play in.

When Operation Spirit of Freedom began and ADI trucks secretly headed out across Peru loaded with lion holding units to wait near circuses for the ADI team that would raid them over the coming days, we were especially grateful to the people who sponsored our first ten holding units:

Dr. Lo Sprague & Rev. Dr. Gwynne Guibord
Elise Zoli
Ellie Price
Catherine & John Kasper
Debra Gollnick
Gigi Glendinning & 22 Reasons
Anne Roberson
Lion Lovers Facebook group

Very special to Bob Barker and the DJ&T Foundation whose support of ADI enabled us to embark on this ambitious rescue mission.

Thank you. Your support enabled the biggest ever circus seizure operation to get underway.

Thanks to the ongoing backing of ADI supporters, as we complete the mission we have over 40 big cat units in place, attached to grassy exercise enclosures, and surrounded by 3m high, electrified fencing. For animals like Cholita the bear, Pepe the spider monkey, and Mufasa the mountain lion, this was the stepping stone to their new lives in the forest, and soon our rescued circus lions will be heading on to their new African home.

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