Help build lion homes!


ADI’s biggest ever rescued animal habitat construction program is underway. Leo, Muneca, and daughters Africa and Kiara, are now in their wonderful natural bush enclosure with acres of space, and José and Liso are in their fantastic special needs habitat. Construction is underway for the bachelor pad for brothers Coco, Chino and Rolex.

Remember: This is just the start, as we build the forever homes for over 30 ex-circus lions.

Costing $150,000 (£100,000) in total, the rescued lions’ new homes will be complete with: acres of natural bush to roam; platforms to climb, play on, and observe their new kingdom from; auto-filling watering holes; double-gated, electric fencing for safety.

These lions endured hell – with your help, they can enjoy the rest of their lives in paradise.

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