Meet the Lions

  • the Cusco family: Rey, Kiara, Scarc, Mahla, Amazonas and Smith
  • the Huarral family: Leo, Coco, Chino, Rolex, Muñeca, Africa, Kiara
  • the Ayacucho brothers: Rey and Simba
  • David from Arequipa
  • the Huancayo boys: King, Junior 
  • Huancayo Ricardo the one-eyed lion
  • Lima Joseph, almost blind
  • the Bucaramanga family: Barbie, Bolillo, Bumba, Junior, Easy, Shakira, Iron, Ojiclaro and Zeus

In their bonding/management camps at Emoya, the families are next to each other and will get to know each other again, while the single boys are next to potential friends. Once everyone is settled and bonded, they will be released into their main enclosures.

Meet the family groups here.