Bob  Jorja (2)

Actress Jorja Fox and TV legend Bob Barker with a rescued lion in an ADI travel crate


Flying 33 lions means 33 travel crates costing $1,500/ 1,000 GBP – that’s almost $50,000 worth of crates!  Luckily, some wonderful ADI supporters came forward to sponsor the crates, and their names will appear on the crate of a lucky lion heading to Africa!

The lions will travel in ADI-designed travel crates that meet the standards set by the International Air Transport Association. They are built locally, extremely strong, well ventilated, have a secure mesh viewing panel with wood shutter, a heavy steel, braced door and built in water troughs that the ADI team will top up during the journey. ADI is meticulous with our loading plan with named and color coded crates ensuring that families are next to each other and can see each other and that some animals are kept at opposite ends of the aircraft!

These are the ‘first class seats’ that will fly our lions to their wonderful new life at Emoya Big Cat Sanctuary in South Africa. Please note we still have nine crates without sponsorship.

Crate sponsors names appear on the 4 top end panels of the travel crate. A full sponsorship is $1,500/£1,000; co-sponsorship is shared with others for $500/£333. Our special thanks to the following:

Travel crate sponsors

Dr. Lo Sprague & Rev. Dr. Gwynne Guibord
Ellie Price
Julian Bullas
Anna Kythreotis
Elise Zoli
Lion Lover Facebook Group
Dr. Jason Berlingen
Marion Charest
Carol de Frange
Christine & Mike Schroeder
Alan & Jennifer Tanaka

Travel crate co-sponsors

Pat Cuviello & Deniz Bolbol
Jennifer Heaver
Valerie Lang Waldin
Notch’s Pride
Youssef Pirasteh
Debra Anne Roberson
Alan & Jennifer Tanaka
Carol & Peter Tracey
Anne & Christopher Weiland

Joyce Allington
Joanna Bacon
Claudia Bejar
Jan & David Brictson
Grant Brooks
May Cheng
Deborah Claassen
Dr. Peter Emily and the Peter Emily International Veterinary Dentistry Foundation
Paul Fichot
Christin Fowler
Michael Glen
Kathy Gloisten
Sue Harding
Elizabeth Howell
Letizia Kornberg
Nancy Lanning
Peace Fur Paws
Keon Robertson
Kelly Shatat
Jeannie Trizzino
Mary Yonts

Find out more about the people making the rescue possible